Помогите написать про хобби на тему музыка

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помогите написать про хобби на тему музыка

  • MY hobby is to listen a music.Especially when I am alone at home.I can listen loud music and dance.I think everyone like that.I like to go to the concerts.I love music of the Russina composers and I try not to miss them.I enjoy music very much
  • I'm sure, a lot of people all over the world listen to music. It can be very different, for example pop, rock, hip hop, classic music, etc. I'm not an exception. As for me, I listen to music every day, whether I'm home or not. I prefer rock music. I know a lot of bands, which are very popular, such as AC DC, Metallica, Bring me the horizon, Black sabbath, Hollywood undead, and many many others. As for me, my favorite music band is Hollywood Undead. It's a very popular American band...consists of 6 crazy guys - Johnny3Tears, Charlie Scene, DaKurlzz, Funny Man, Danny, and JDod. I love them very much. I listen to their songs every day for hours. And of course I know all of their songs by heart.)

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