Помогите написать правильные и неправильные глаголы слов:to addto startto haveto waitto leaveto discussto askto decide

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помогите написать правильные и неправильные глаголы слов:
to add
to start
to have
to wait
to leave
to discuss
to ask
to decide

  • On the 15-th of October, two men  (to try) to get to the top of Everest. They  (to make) their camp at the bottom of the mountain. They (to feel) very well in it. It  (to be) the highest camp on the mountain. The night before the climb, they  (to drink) tea and had supper. They (to discuss) what to take with them to the top. They  (to decide) to leave their sleeping bags and tents behind because the equipment  (to be) too heavy. Early in the morning they  (to have) breakfast and  (to get) dressed. Then they  (to start) to go up the mountain. It (to be» extremely difficult. The snow  (to be; very deep After a long, hard fight they  (to reach) the top together. They  (to laugh),  (to shout) and  (to take) some photographs. Then the sun  (to disappear) and the two men  (to realise) they  (to be) on the top of Everest and it  (to be) almost night. Their camp  (to be) too far to reach. They  (to go) a little way down the mountain, but there  (to be) no moon and it  (to be) too dangerous. They  (to have) to spend the night on the mountain, at about 10,000 metres, with no tent, sleeping bags or food. They  (to believe) it  (to be) possible. They  (to dig) a hole in the snow, and  (to bury) themselves. They  (not to sleep). It  (to be) -30 °C. When the light  (to come) at last they  (to begin) climbing down, and soon they  (to get) to their camp. Everybody  (to be) happy. 

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