Помогите! Надо написать в тепер. ч. мин. ч. майб. ч. и в презент сontinius по 5 предложений с каждым !

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Помогите! Надо написать  в  тепер. ч. мин.ч. майб.ч. и в презент сontinius по 5 предложений с каждым !

  • Past Simple:
    1.I walked in the yard yesterday.
    2.I went to the museum last week.
    3.He did his homework yesterday.
    4.I saw a big car yesterday.
    5.She ate a lot of sweets.
    Present Continios
    1.She is wearing jeans today.
    2.The student is looking for a job now.
    3.The boys are playing chess in the sitting room now.
    4.At three o clock I was watching TV.
    5.I was doing my homework the whole evening yesterday.
    Future Simple:
    I will go to the cinema next time.
    He will drink water every day.
    She will play basketball next time.
    I will not good at the English.
    I will good at the Franch
    Present Simple:
    I usually walk with me dog in the yard.
    What do you usually do.
    She plays football every day. 

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