Помогите мне составить небольшое сочинение на тему: Школы в Вликобритании и в Каахстане, желательно на английскомможно и на русскомзаранее спасибо

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помогите мне составить небольшое сочинение на тему: Школы в Вликобритании и в Каахстане,желательно на английском(можно и на русском)заранее спасибо))

  • My Independent KazakhstanEssay on my view of my country
    The writing is on the loose theme of my country
    Free, majestic and unspoilt,Star of such broad lands and countries,Kyui happiness you strumming loudly,My own, radiant Kazakhstan!S. MukanovMy country - it's endless steppes, high mountains, diverse wildlife, deep lakes and much more. All to count than the rich in my country, my independent Kazakhstan, it is impossible, because it has everything that could be proud of every citizen of Kazakhstan.Kazakhstan is a free country, a country in which they live free and independent nation. In Kazakhstan, live people of different nationalities, different religions, but they all live together and confidently look to the future. All Kazakhs feel supported each other and believe in the best of times.I represent my country beautiful flower, the flower of unity Tsvetik - SEMICVETIK, where each petal - The nations of Kazakhstan, living in one piece .. As each petal is unique and beautiful, has its own history, their language, so perfectly complement each other peoples of our country. The center of this magical flower - our capital Astana.Astana - a modern city, which symbolizes power and strength of Kazakhstan.In the heart of KazakhstanGrow up, Astana.You're beautiful, young,You're like a new star.Astana, the capital of the mine,Incomparable Firebird.Flourish, and goodBe fair, not old.Kazakhstan is a place where there were settlements of ancient civilizations that lived here nomad tribes, brave and skillful riders hunters. Kazakhstan is the homeland for all Kazakhs, regardless of what nationality he is.I believe that Kazakhstan - is an independent country with high rates of development, one of the recognized world powers. We, the people of Kazakhstan, and the state itself - one organic whole. We will do everything possible for its development, and ultimately win yourself - we are citizens of a developed, powerful economic and political sense of the state.

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