Помогите!!!Explain why:1English has become a world language2people who speak English have better job opportunities3we use dictionaries to learn a fore

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Explain why:
1)English has become a world language
2)people who speak English have better job opportunities
3)we use dictionaries to learn a foreign language
4)it's important to talk to native speakers whose language you are learning
5) So many people in Russia are learning English now.

  • 1. English has become a world language because of recognition of English as "official" language of computing, sciences, technologies, aviation, etc. and success of music in English not just from the UK and US, but also from countries where English is not an official language. 
    2. People who speak English, have more opportunities to get success in different areas of employment.
    3. We use dictionaries to find out the translation of the words of a foreign language, because the language is not our first language.
    4. It contributes to the development of your speech and the perception of a foreign language quickly and efficiently.
    5. Russian people are learning English now, because this language is a world language, we need to know English if we want to get success. 

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