Помогите Добрые людиPut in “can” “can’t” “could’or” “couldn’t”1… you swim when you were 10?2We ….. get to the meeting on time yesterday, because th

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Помогите Добрые люди

Put in "can" "can't" "could'or" "couldn't"
1)... you swim when you were 10?
2)We ..... get to the meeting on time yesterday,because the train was delayed by one hour.
3)He's amazing,he .... speak five languages,including Chinese.
4)I ... drive a car until I was 34.When I moved to the countryside,so I had to learn.
5)I looked everywhere for my glasses but I .... find them anywhere.
6)She's seven years old,but she ... read yet.Her parents are getting her extra lessons.
7)I read the book three times,but I .... understand it.
8)James .... speak Japanese when he lived in Japan,but he.s forgotten most of in now.
9)I ... understand the chapter we had to read for homework.It was so difficult.
10)I ... lift this box-it's too heavy!Would you help me?

  • 1) can
    2) can't
    3) can
    4) couldn't
    5) can't
    6) couldn't
    7) can't
    8) could
    9) can't
    10) can't

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