ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!Complete these sentences.1Sorry, i break your favorite pen.2Which of the mobiles you choose?3Little Dick never ride a horse.4Is Frank at

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Complete these sentences.1)Sorry, i (break) your favorite pen.2)Which of the mobiles you (choose)?3)Little Dick never (ride) a horse.4)Is Frank at home?-Yes, he just (drive) back.5)Where Nick (go)?-He (go) to the bank.6)Jane says she never (break) her leg.7)You (choose) a birthday present for Mary yet?8)You ever (ride) a bike?9)I already (drive) my father's car.10)Where is Ann Where she (go)?-She (go) to the cinema.There is a very good film on at the Rossiya cinema.

  • 1 - Have broken; 2 - Have you chosen; 3 - Has never ridden; 4 - He has just driven; 5 - Where has Nick gone? He has gone to the bank; 6 - She has never broken; 7 - Haven't you chosen; 8 - Have you ever ridden; 9 - I have already driven; 10 - Where has she gone? She has gone to the cinema.

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