Помогите cocтавить 15 предложений на темуWhat are people from russia like? ●Write How people from Russia see themselves.●Write how foreigners see the

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Помогите cocтавить 15 предложений на тему

What are people from russia like? 

●Write How people from Russia see themselves.

●Write how foreigners see the Russians.Give examples to break or to support widely used descriptions.

  • When a Russian person speaks with somebody or sits down near them, the distance between them and another people are usually shorter than in other countries.If you meet a Russian person in the street and ask him about his life you will have to listen all about it. He will tell you all about his problems, illnesses, not only his but his relatives’.The most favourite topic of conversation is politics. All Russians have their own views on political situation in their countries and want to share them with others.However, they can criticise their country, their politics and life in them, but the nest day they can tell you that Russia is the best country in the world.First of all Russians are romantic. He believes that there is success and happiness ahead of him, but he often does nothing to achieve them.A typical Russian person is melancholic. He has a hope for the best, but prepares for the worst.Russian people have a sensible perception of life. They need close relations and they are emotionally dependent on their environment.Russians are also very dependent on the social opinion. That is why their behavior in public places differs from their behavior with friends and relatives

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