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Помогите!!!                                                                                                                   Choose a place and write a short report about it. Use the plan: 
What is it? 
Is it old? 
What can tourists see there? 
This information will help you: 
The Tower of London: a famous museum, very old, beefeaters, ravens. 
Westminster Abbey: a famous museum, very old, the Coronation chair, the tombs of kings and queens. 
The Globe: a famous theatre, not old, Shakespeare, plays. 
The Natural History Museum: a famous museum, not very old, dinosaurs, animals, plants, minerals.

  • This is the Tretyakov Gallery.This is the old site founded in 1856.Go there a lot of tourists from different parts of the world.Her collection consisted of 1,276 paintings, 471 sculptures and 10 picture Russian artists, as well as 84 pictures of foreign masters.This is a very interesting place.

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