Помигите прошумне нужен реферат про орлов в долгу не останусь

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помигите прошумне нужен реферат про орлов (в долгу не останусь)

  •  Eagle - very famous winged predator. Rhode eagles spread all over the globe. They are birds of prey , have a very good vision . The object of their hunt may be rodents, snakes , lizards and small mammals . The main living area of eagles in the Russian Federation is the steppe and forest steppe zone . Barrens are associated with forest zone of the intermediate band , the northern boundary of which coincides with the isotherm in July is 20 degrees Celsius. In such zones, characterized by diversity of soil and mix interfluvial forest landscape with steppe , which is attracting eagles. In the forest -steppe vegetation dominated by European oak with a touch of lime , ash, maple (in the west - hornbeam, beech ) .As you know , the Eagles do not nest in trees, as a rule, for these purposes are mountain ranges , etc. However , a variety of birds make up the flora and fauna of these forests is favorable for the Eagles food. By their nature , eagles - birds of prey. So wildlife forest steppes them perfectly suitable for habitation. In forest areas are found marten , squirrel, dormouse , with occasional moose (well , of course the eagles do not eat moose and other large ungulates ) , roe deer , and in the steppe - squirrels, jerboa , earthy hare, marmot , ferret , and bustard bustard . In rivers - beavers and muskrats . In addition to the eagles in this area inhabited by insect-eating birds , as well as gray partridge. In the steppe zone of wooden poles and the tops of deciduous trees populate the longhorn beetles , jewel beetles , wasps , etc. - These insects in the food consumed and the Eagles , and smaller birds. Beautiful, unspoilt nature could not produce his crown not a perfect being.There is an opinion that the eagle is very proud bird , and this he has to climatic conditions of their lives. Birds , like humans can inherit character , mentality, the area in which they live. Eagles live in the steppe regions of Ukraine, the Lower Volga Region , Western Siberia. ( Does not that immediately comes to comparing ascended Siberians svoelyubivye Ukrainians and free Cossacks ?) Eagles avoid crowded places and generally nest on land that is not densely populated by humans. Eagles prey , but eat only raw and fresh meat, contrary to erroneous ideas about them , the Eagles will never eat the fallen ( dead ) animals that already have signs of decay and razlozheniya.Orel often the case for the original coat of arms , a symbol of power and authority." Taiga ", as it is sometimes referred to as steppe eagles living in the forest , due to the harsh climate does not always have the opportunity to hunt, but even they do not eat the meat of the fallen , and prefer him plants and insects. To summarize this section , I want to add that the flight of an eagle more than other birds flying like a beautiful dance .Eagle often original for coats of arms, a symbol of power and authority. So for example the coat of arms is a double-headed Russian eagle, he is also the national emblem and other countries. Once there was a coat of arms and the mighty Roman Empire. In Russia, this bird is respected people. Often you can hear when a dedicated and determined man comrades called an eagle .

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