Погомогти на завтра очень надо…… Фотография внутри

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Погомогти на завтра очень надо......) Фотография внутри)

  • 1)-Listen,Anna,how are you feeling on the math lessons?
     -You won't bealive,but I was better of thinking.
    -I heard the teacher said that you have  success in solving.
     -Yes,it is,so now for me it isn't so hard.

    2)-How was your meeting with your new coach?
    -Great!I did not feel uncomfortable
       -By the way, don't you afraid to speak before the audience at competitions?
    -No i don't,I didn't knew that I could be so bold

    3)-Why are you so upset?
    - I feel insecure when speaking English
    What is the problem,
    -sometimes I forget some words and expressions,and it affects my pride

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