Подчеркните правильную временную форму:1MeI gave/has given me a nice birthday present Iast year.2I can see Pam. She just parked/has just parked in fron

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Подчеркните правильную временную форму:1)MeI gave/has given me a nice birthday present Iast year.2)I can see Pam.She just parked/has just parked in front of the supermarket.3)My sister was born/has born in 2009.4)My brother didn*t write/hasn*t written to us since he moved/has moved to ItaIy Iast month.5)Did you meet/Have you met Dan yesterday?6)The headmaster just compIained about Ted*s behaviour.7)I broke/have broken my arm Iast summer when I feII/have faIIen down the stairs.

  • 1)MeI gave me a nice birthday present Iast year .2) I can
    see Pam.She has just parked in front of the supermarket.3) My
    sister was born in 2009. 4) My brother hasn*t
    written to us since he moved to ItaIy Iast month. 5) Did you
    meet Dan yesterday? 6) The headmaster has just compIained about
    Ted*s behaviour. 7) I broke my arm Iast summer when I
    feII down the stairs.

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