По английски описать любую картину

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По английски описать любую картину

  • I’ d like to tell you about a picture that I like very
    much. It makes me feel happy, calm and sensitive. When I look at her my
    problems seem too little, and I forget about them. So, I don’t know the
    painter. I don’t know he is an amateur or a mateur artist. I can’t find
    information. I am not the expert in this field but I think it is a group
    portrait with elements of symbolism. Why do I like it?

    This picture is watercolour painting. I believe that the author
    painted it from imagination. He tries to convey emotions and mood of two
    women, their happiness. Look at the composition. He places on the
    foreground two Japanese women which are represented standing. They are
    smilling and you can feel their happiness. They are dressing in luxury
    clothes. You should pay attention on the dresses which are coloured in
    typical ornament and colours of the country. On the background we can
    see the symbol of Japan. It is tree with pink leaves. It captured my
    attention. Also on the background you can see the house and the
    mountains. The artist don’t emphasize contours purposely. The sky is
    grey but it isn’t depressed. The colouring is great. There are many
    different and bright subtle colours which play with mind and
    immagination. Everything is combined into harmonious unity. The soft and delicate colours are dominated in the picture. You can see how the artist used the light and shade effects.

    I think this picture is lyrical and poetic in tone and atmosphere. I
    like it very much because it gives me a sense of tenderness, happiness
    and peace of mind. In conclusion I would like to add that it is an
    unsurpassed masterpiece to me. I recommend everybody watching this

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