Плиз !!!Составьте предложения и определите, какие временав них используются 1.The little girl/ evening /crying/ the whole/ was/ yesterday

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  плиз !!!Составьте предложения и определите, какие времена
в них используются

The little girl/ evening /crying/ the whole/ was/  yesterday.

It/ yesterday/ snowing/ all day/ was/ long.

What/ at 4 p. m./ were/ yesterday/ doing/ you?

He /at the sky/ looking/ him/  when/ was/
the boy/ touched.

The old lady/ watching TV/ was/ rang/ when/ the telephone.

  • 1. The little girl was crying the whole evening yesterday.
    2. It was snowing all day long yesterday.
    3. What were you doing at 4 p. m. yesterday?
    4. He was looking at the sky when the boy touched him.
    5. The old lady was watching TV when the telephone rang.

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