Перевести прямую речь в косвенную речь.1 Her brother said he never to see that film before.2 We wanted to know if they to enjoy the meal.3 I am af

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Перевести  прямую речь в косвенную речь.
1) Her brother said he never ( to see) that film before.
2) We wanted  to know if they ( to enjoy) the meal.
3) I am afraid they ( not to come) yet.
4) She was sorry she ( to arrive) so late.
5) Andy said he just ( to buy ) a new car.
6) I heard you already ( to find) a new job.
7) We were sure out children ( to sleep).
8) I didn`t  think  they  still ( to discuss) that problem.
9) My doctor thinks  I ( to be) allergic to pineapples.

  • 1)her brother said that he had never seen that film before
    2)we wanted to know if they enjoyed the meal
    3)lm afraid that they hadn't come yet
    4)she was sorry that she had arrived so late
    5)Andy said that he had just bought a new car
    6)I heard that you had already found a new job
    7)we were sure out that children had slept

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