Переведите на русский язык! Всего 4 текста! Помогите! За 20 баллов!1. Because of an Australian weatherman called Clement wet Wragge. He named hurricanes

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Переведите на русский язык!Всего 4 текста!Помогите! За 20 баллов!
1. Because of an Australian weatherman called Clement wet Wragge.He named hurricanes after his neighdours - those he quarrelled with. Now each year the World Meteorological Organisation prepares a list of  girls' and boys names in alphabetical order, ready for future hurricanes.
2. My favourite writer is Joanna Rowling.I've read all her books about Harry Potter. It was great fun! I feel sad because the writer doesn't want to go on with the series.
I want more books about Harry Potter and his friends.
3. Russian people first celebrated this holiday in 2005, but it goes back to 1612.On 4 November 1612 Moscow was liberated from Polish-Lithuanian occupation.
The names of Minin and Pozharsky are connected with those heroic days in the history of Russia.
4. Scotland is a very beautiful country  with a lot of mountains, lakes and valleys. The most famous lake in Scotland is Loch Ness. Many people believe that Nessie, the  Losh Ness monster lives in the lake.

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