Перетворити в теперішній доконаний час1.My father drives fast.2.I took many photograps.3.They didn’t invite us to the birthday party.4.She enjoys play

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Перетворити в теперішній доконаний час
1.My father drives fast.
2.I took many photograps.
3.They didn't invite us to the birthday party.
4.She enjoys playing games.
5.She is sensitive.
6.You are not generous.
7.I didn't feel safe and relaxed.

  • 1.My father has already driven fast.
    2.I have just taken many photographs.
    3.They haven't invited us to the birthday party yet.
    4.She has enjoyed playing the game.
    5.She has always been sensitive.
    6.You have never been generous.
    7.I  haven't felt safe and relaxed yet.

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