Пересказ любой сказки на английском языке.5-6 предложений

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Пересказ любой сказки на английском языке.5-6 предложений

  • сказка про золушку(начало)
    Once upon a time there lived a one happy family: father, mother and their only daughter that parents were very fond of. For many years they lived happily and joyfully.
    Unfortunately, one day in autumn, when she was sixteen years old, her mother was seriously ill and died a week later. The house reigned a deep sadness. Two years have passed. The girl's father met a widow that had two daughters, and soon married her.

  • Tale of the Golden Cockerel    In the kingdom of Far Far Away , tridesyatom state, there lived a glorious king Dadon . Neighbors and then cause offense easily , old age wanted to take a break from martial affairs. But it began to disturb the neighbors . Protect the kingdom did not succeed . Addressed to the sage . The wise man took out a bag of Golden Cockerel and said to put the bird on the needle , since everything around will be peaceful, so it will sit still. But if you have to wait for the war - pripodymet rooster comb, scream and vstrepenetsya and the place will turn out.    The king thanked him, promised to fulfill any will . The cockerel was to guard the border. Neighbors grew quiet .    Year , the other passes peacefully . Cockerel crying again . The king sends an army to the east , the eldest son of his leads. Cock calmed down .    It takes eight days , no news from the army . Cockerel crying again . Klichet another king 's men , his youngest son, he now sends to the rescue . Cock again subsided . Again, there is no lead from them! Again eight days go by. Cockerel crying again , call together the king 's men and the third leading her to the east.    The troops are going day and night - no carnage . The army of the king of the mountains leads , and Intermedia high mountains sees a silk tent . Around the tent is a beaten army . Tsar Dadon to the tent in a hurry ... What a terrible picture ! Before him his two sons without Shelomov and no armor are both dead , plunging a sword into each other. Suddenly the tent flew open ... and virgin queen Shamahanskaya quietly met the king. Forgot it before her death two sons . She took him by the arm and took her into the tent . Week feasted her Dadon .    Went home with the girl . The crowd saw a eunuch . Asked to give her virginity. The king refused. King of grabbing his wand over his forehead ; he fell on his face , and the spirit of the mind. That is - he enters the city , suddenly there was a light ring, cock sporhnul with needles; flew to the chariot and the king sat on the crown of the head , pecked at the crown and hoisted ... and at the same time, the chariot fell Dadon ! Gasped again - and he died . And the queen suddenly disappeared , though it had not happened. Tale of a lie , but it hints ! Good fellows a lesson.

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