Памогите пожалуйстаTalk about your favourite room in your flat

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Памогите пожалуйста

Talk about your favourite room in your flat.

  • My favourite room
    There are four rooms in my flat. My favourite room is a living-room, because I spend a lot of time here. It’s the biggest room in my flat. There are two arm-chairs and a sofa there. There is a coffee-table between the arm-chairs. There is a big plant (palm) on it. There is a little children’s table next to the sofa. There is a wall unite with a lot of cupboards here. I like decorating these cupboards with souvenirs, photoes and beautiful vases. There are some bookshelves on the right side and a TV in the middle of the wall unit. There is a DVD under the bookshelves. I like watching films in my free time. And there is a music center here.
    There are some plants on the windowsill. I like big and unusual plants. There are two pictures and a clock on the walls. I can do my homework here, watch TV and listen to music. I spend free time with my family and relatives here. I invite my friends and all of them can get in here.
    So, my living room is the biggest, the most beautiful and if it were a person I think it would be a very friendly person.

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