Падставлять буквы have to или has to.1.a manager____ be sociabe and polite doesn t he?2.lt s hot and sunny. so l___water my flowers every morning a

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падставлять буквы have to или has  to.
a manager____ be sociabe and polite  doesn t  he?
2.lt s hot and sunny.so l___water my flowers every  morning and  afternoon.
3.do  they____wear  a  uniform  at  school?
4.my  friend__go to  school on  saturdays.He  has got 5 lessons.
5.do l  ____do  all  these  eercises?they are  really  boring.
6.alice  doesn  t___feed her  pets.her  mother  has  already  fed  them.
7.does each  member___speak  english  at the  explorers  club?

  • 1 has
    5 have
    6 has
  • 1 has to 2 have to 3 have to 4 has to 5 have to 6 have to 7  have to

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