Ответьте на вопроси плиз срочнооооооооооооооо

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ответьте на вопроси плиз срочнооооооооооооооо

  • My best friend's name is ____. We've known each other since the first form, Heshe is a tall and pretty girl/boy. He/she is very kind, helpful, honest and sincere though sometimes a little bit rude. He/she is my best friend because I can always trust him/her and when I need a piece of advice, he/she will always lend an ear to me and find necessary words. What is more, we have a lot in common and share many interests, Once i made sure i could rely on him/her, when I made something on what he/she could benefit, but he/she didn't. My friend never let me down and I know that he/she never will. Sometimes I even doubt if I am good friend enough, but i am consciously trying to make my best and not to be selfish or anything. Me and my friend like to have an intercourse, if you know what I mean, and we do it pretty often. That's why we never quarell. Such type of activity help us to relax and not to waste time on queralling. 

    Впиши только имя своего друга, и определись с его или её полом :)

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