Ответьте на следующие вопросы ответить на английском Заранее спасибо1 What methods of production and distribution do people in traditional societies

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1) What methods of production and distribution do people in traditional societies use?

2) What example does a caste system provide?

  • 1)With the advent of the market economy greatly changed the nature of relationships in the community. Now the foundation of economic development is not so much the possession of traditional material resources as ownership information and skills of its processing , the transformation of the infrastructure market , which increasingly is for informational purposes .            But the traditional factors of production and remain the object of analysis of economic theory , on the contrary , changes in factors of production such as labor, land and capital are substantial and largely determine the behavior of firms and countries in the markets of resources.
                  This theme of the course work is relevant, because the system of market economy factor markets are a particular kind . In contrast to the ready markets for goods and services , where firms are sellers and consumers of goods and services - buyers in factor markets firms are the buyers of labor , natural resources, land, capital , in its various forms - cash , productive , in the form of loan or fictitious capital .
                   The theory of the factors of production may not be a universal and the best methodological tool for the analysis of the crisis in Russia to find a way out of it. However, it is in our present circumstances important advantages over other approaches : allows you to analyze the situation in the complex, on the basis of common assumptions to make systemic and comprehensive conclusions , and gives direct access to the specific and reasonable recommendations .
                  The lack of economic growth in Russia is , from this point of view, there has been a shortage of production factors - they are either in short supply or not their involvement in the economy. Thus , it is necessary to identify the specific " bottleneck " of the Russian economy , which determine the scarcity of factors of production. This will formulate specific policy challenges , which should be aimed at overcoming this deficiency .

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