Ответить на вопросыПожалуйста на завтра нужно1.Are you fond of reading?2.What books do you prefer to read? Fiction, detective stories…..3.What books d

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Ответить на вопросы))))Пожалуйста на завтра нужно)))1.Are you fond of reading?2.What books do you prefer to read?(Fiction,detective stories.....)3.What books do you read and study in your literature class?4.What books have you read in English?5.Is it difficult for to read books in Enlish?6.What Ukranian and foregion classics have you read?7.Which English and American writers do you know?8.Is there a book that you"ve read several times?9.Do people make you read books?10.Do you put aside a book that seems dullto you?11.Do you always read a book to the end?12.Can you name a book which you read from the very beginning to the end without putting it down?13.Who is your favourite writer?14.Whot do you like in your favourite book characters?15.What can we learn from diferent kinds of books?

  • 1)yes,I
    am fond of reading.

    2)I prefer to read detective stories because they are
    very interesting, and adventure stories, because they are very exciting

    3)At my literature classes we study and read different
    genres, among them: classic literature, poems, ballads, fiction stories and

    5)to read books in English is difficult, but reading
    books in the original helps to broaden your vocabulary with many expressions
    and phrases.

    7) Daniel Defoe, a novelist and author of famous Robinson
    Crusoe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, a novelist

    8) I read the story “Scarlet sails” by A. Green and “Adventures
    of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle several times.

    9)no, I like reading.

    10) when the book is boring and dull, it is difficult
    to read it. Sometimes I put such book aside.

    11) if a book is very interesting and full of actions,
    I always read it to the end.

    12) Arthur Conan Doyle “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

    13) Arthur Conan Doyle is my favorite writer.

    14)  Sherlock
    Holmes is my favourite book characters, because he is very clever, intelligent,
    sharp-witted detective

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