Ответить на вопросы по переводу текста Лондон Questions1. What is the capital of Great Britain?2. Is London a big city?3. What is London’s population?

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Ответить на вопросы по переводу текста Лондон


1. What is the capital of Great Britain?
2. Is London a big city?
3. What is London's population?
4. On what river does London stand?
5. Into what parts is London divided?
6. Why is the City called the business centre of
7. What places of interest does Westminster include?
8. Who was buried in Westminster Abbey?
9. What is the West End famous for?
10. Why is the central square in London named Tra­
falgar Square?
1 1. Who lives in the East End?

  • 1.The capital of Great Britain is London.
    2.Yes,London is a big city.
    3.The population of London is 8170000 peoples.(eight million one hundred and seventy thousand).
    4.London is situated on the river Thames(Темза).
    5.West end, East end, the City, Westminster.
    8.There were burned many great statesmen, scientists and writers.
    9.The West end famous for wide streets with beautiful houses and many parks,gardens and swuares.

    That's all))))

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