Open the brackets. 1.You like books aboutadventures?-Yes, I…How many books you read yet?- I read a lot of books. When youfinishread the last book?-

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Open the brackets.


1.You (like )  books about
adventures?-Yes, I…

How many books you (read ) yet?- I (read) a lot of books.

When you(finishread) the last book?- I (finishread) it a week ago.

(finishalreadydo) my homework. Look! I (play) the computer now.

  • 1.Do you like books about adventures?

    How many books are you read yet? -I read a lot of books
    When did you finished read the last book? I'am finished read...
    2. I'm finished my homework. Look! I'm playing computer now

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