Объяснить на английском, почему мне нравятся :1 честные люди2 целеустремленные люди3 веселые люди4 воспитанные люди

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Объяснить на английском, почему мне нравятся  :
1) честные люди
2) целеустремленные люди
3) веселые люди
4) воспитанные люди

  • 1) I like honest people, because with them it is very nice to talk to, from honest people always make very good friends.I believe that honesty - the best feature of the person.
    2) And also I like the dedicated people. I like people who know what they want out of life.
    3)Of gay people and make great friends who will never get bored, you will always find what to do, he's nice to talk to
    4) I like educated people, because they are agreeable, they are restrained in any situation.

  • 1) I like honest people because they never lie
    2) I like the single-minded because they have purpose and a desire to achieve this goal.
    3) I like funny  people because they can laugh.
    4) I like educated people because they will never say hurtful words and not hurt you feelings.

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