Нужно характеристика англичан на англ. языке, заранее спасибо

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Нужно характеристика англичан на англ. языке ,заранее спасибо

  • The British are one of the most bizarre and unusual of the world.
    They do not look to any other nationality. Moreover , people living in the North and the South of England , also very different .
    Despite the fact that the British live in close proximity with the Scots , or , for example, the Irish, they are fundamentally different from each other. This applies to everything , even the little things such as breakfast.
    All this is because the people of England have always wanted to be unique in its kind, and sought to isolate themselves from other people .
    Residents of England are among the most respected people in the world. No wonder there are rumors about them, for example , a specific English humor , which is clear not all , but in the meantime , because of the unlimited respect, even those who do not understand the meaning , trying to pretend that it is not. This humor - this is the main feature of the English character .
    The nature of the British
    Also, we all know about the stiffness and pedantry British.
    This nation is indeed quite boring and too punctual , so other foreigners are very hard to get along with them and understand their mindset .
    No wonder the British always adhere to a strict schedule , which in any case can not be broken .
    Although the train in England, for example , regularly late. In this case, machinists, as befits an English, see fit very nicely and at length to apologize to passengers on the train handsfree
    Besides , England - this is one of the few countries that does not seek to join Europe , but on the contrary , is trying hard to avoid it.
    The British did not want to give up the pound sterling and adopt the euro , they are even thinking about leaving the European Union!
    Another feature of the character of the English is their hospitality and good-natured . And this opinion is , indeed, not without reason .
    If you happen to get lost in the streets of England , you will , of course, be happy to help local residents .
    But despite this , the British , of course, consider themselves better than all the other nations . And better with them on this occasion did not argue.
    In addition, the English people - one of the most religious nations in the world. They often visit the various services in the churches .
    These are some features of the English character , but on the basis of these, it is clear that these people do not look like no others , and their mentality is very difficult to understand.

                                    Вроде всё нам это задовали :)

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