Нужно составить сочинение по вопросам о снечто-то приснилось и потом произошло на яву. Могло присниться и Вам и подруге, и бабушке, и т. д..Вопросы-помощ

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Нужно составить сочинение по вопросам о сне(что-то приснилось и потом произошло на яву).Могло присниться и Вам и подруге,и бабушке ,и т.д..Вопросы-помощники:

1.Who is "he"?

2.What happened in his dream?

3.Did he tell anyone about his dream?Who?

4.How did his dream come true?

5.How did he react?

6.How must your story end?

  • Every night people dream. When I was a child my mother read me a fairy tale by Andersen which named «Ole Lukkoye». It was a story about children and their dreams. Good children have bright and interesting dreams, bad and naughty have black anв terrible dreams. Now I am adult and I have different dreams. For example, yesterday I saw a real nightmare. I dreamed about a nasty and ugly monster that chased me and tried to kill me. I woke up in a cold sweat! I was so scared! So I should not watch horror films before I go to bed anymore!

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