Нужно составить рассказ опирающиеся на эти вопросы, т. е. большая половина рассказа должна составлять ответы на эти вопросы.1 What professions do you

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 Нужно составить рассказ опирающиеся на эти вопросы, т.е. большая половина рассказа должна составлять ответы на эти вопросы.
1) What professions do you know?
2) What are your parents?
3) What do you want to be and why?
4) When did decide to choose this professions?
5) Do your parents approve your plans for the future?
6) Where are you going to study after finishing school?
7) What school subject do you pay more attention to?
8) Would you prefer to study in your home town? Why? Why not?
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  • My mum is a teacher, dad is an engineer.
    .I want to be a doctor, because the doctor helps people recover. I want to be a doctor since 8 years. mnee need to pay more attention to Russian language and Chimie. I will do after high school to university in Moscow, I do not want to go to university in the city, because he melenky, and it is not good institutions.

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