Нужно составить предложения со словами big-bigger-the biggest easy-easier-the easiesnice-nicer-the nicestrelaxing-more-relaxing-most relaxingсonveni

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нужно составить предложения со словами 
big-bigger-the biggest   
easy-easier-the easies
nice-nicer-the nicest
relaxing-more-relaxing-most relaxing
сonvenient-more convenient-most convenient
beautiful-more beautiful- most beautifu
good-better-the best

  • My house is
    big, but Ann’s house is bigger than mine.

    It is the
    most beautiful flower in the world.

    My mother
    is the best!

    This text
    is easier than the previous text.

    Swimming is
    the most relaxing activity.

    This armchair
    is more convenient than the chair.

    Today the
    weather is worse than yesterday.

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