Нужно сочинение по английскому языку, на тему “Бедность”, около 250 слов, заранее спасибо

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Нужно сочинение по английскому языку, на тему "Бедность", около 250 слов, заранее спасибо.

  • People were like wolves, who are ready to grab anyone 's throat for the sake of personal gain ! And it's scary ! The man had completely forgotten about tolerance , decency and basic norms of morality ! Not only that , people who are rich financially, often wretchedly poor spiritually.
    And very often the case that a person little money , he could barely make ends - with - ends , but his kindness, sincerity , radiance , selflessness , intelligence and cheerfulness makes a fleeting thought that this man is the happiest and the richest man in the world. Looking at his smile , sometimes you do not notice that a man dressed in an old , worn-out clothes, but on the contrary - it elevates man to the ducal family.
    And basically, the way it is ! Such a person does not need money to be rich, he needs a family and chat , that's all ! And you can think of any rich man : always dull , humorless , rude , greedy , and no matter how much he had no money , he does little.
    The whole life of the rich focus on equity. And so are their lives - boring on the nerves , without basic pleasures of life without smiles and tears of a beloved child , no warm wind blows , no tender embraces his beloved wife and her gentle kiss in the morning .
    And this is so important in our lives and this can not be missed! After all, we are given one life , and to live it so that about you remembered not only sharing your multi-million dollar inheritance , but also just as a good person , a wonderful family man and not just the poor and the rich soul and heart of man.

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