Нужно правильно раскрыть скобки.1 i to like music very much.2 listen! somebody to play the piano.3 my brother can skate very well. he to skate every

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Нужно правильно раскрыть скобки.
1) i (to like) music very much.
2)  listen! somebody (to play) the piano.
3) my brother can skate very well. he (to skate) every sunday.
4) how you usually (to spend) evenings?
5) what your father (to do) in evening?
6) we (not to go) to skhool every day.
7) he (not to help) his mother every day.
8) what your brother (to do) now?
9) look at these children: they (to skate) very well.
10) john and steve (to play) chess in the lounge at the moment.
11) you ever (to watch) this film?
12) the children already (to decide) what to do with the books.
13) i just (to meet) our teacher.
14) i (not yet to eat) today.
15) what you (to prepare) for today?
16) he just (to finish) his work.
17) i (to wait) for you since two o'clock.
18) what you (to do) here for already 20 minutes?
19) as a rule, i (to go) to the library every wednesday.
20) he already (to be) to the cinema this week.

  • 1 like 2 is playing 3 skates 4 spend 5 does 6dont go 7does not help 8 is doing 9 are skating 10 are playing 11Have you ever watched 12have already decided 13 have just met 14 has just finished 15 dif you prepare 16 has just finished 17 have been waiting 18have you been doing 19 go 20has already gone

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