Нужно написать 10 предложений на тему экология. На английском языке. За все 31 бал

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нужно написать 10 предложений на тему экология.На английском языке.За все 31 бал.

  • The modern meaning of the term ecology has a broader meaning than in the early decades of the development of this science . Currently, most often under the environmental issues wrongly understood , primarily environmental issues . In many ways , this shift of meaning was due to more tangible consequences of human impact on the environment , but you must separate the notion of ecological (« relating to the science of ecology ") and environmental (« relating to the environment "). Everyone's attention to the environment has led to an extension of the original fairly well-defined area of ​​expertise Ernst Haeckel ( only biological) to other natural sciences and even the humanities.

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