Нужно краткое содержание текста, т.е пересказ,10 предложений, помогитеJune Camp Pineland” Dima and I got split up the moment we arrived . To make it wor

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нужно краткое содержание текста,т.е пересказ,10 предложений,помогите

June Camp Pineland
" Dima and I got split up the moment we arrived . To make it worse, they've taken away our mobile phones. Why? Because they think it'll help us fit in more quickly. It's one of the most important rules of the camp. So now Dima and I won't even be able to exchange text messages to cheer each other up . And how will I know if he gets in trouble?"
This is what I was thinking to myself as one of the camp girls was taking me to my cabin. It's called "Cherokee" after the Indian tribe. I was getting really tired of walking when we finally stopped at the door of a rather shabby-looking cabin. Behind the door I heard two loud voices talking excitedly.
— Oh, no! What have they done?
— They've split us up !
— They've put Jennifer in the Mohicans and we've got a new girl in our cabin!
— It's Meredith Nutt who did this.
— Yes, that woman has hated us since we met years ago.
— How could she do this? We have been going to this camp since we were ten and we have always been together.
— Calm down, Belle. The camp can't always do what we want. I'm sure they tried their best.
At that moment , the girl who had taken me to the cabin, pushed the door open. I walked in and looked at the girls — my cabinmates. A very pretty African-American girl was sitting in the corner. Next to her there was a very tall and thin girl in pyjamas. She had a long nose, a big mouth and very clever eyes. The bed at the window belonged to a very beautiful blond who hardly turned in my direction and then, to my surprise, the fourth girl in the room was Mary, the Canadian. She grinned nervously when she saw me .

Mary: I'm sorry, Lisa. It's not you. It's just because we have known each other for so long and we have never had to share our cabin with anybody else.
Lisa: It's OK. I understand.
Mary: Well, meet my friends then. This is Cindy, our pretty genius from South Carolina. And this is Arabella, but we call her Belle because she is our blond beauty. Belle is the only local girl in this cabin, the rest of us have travelled thousands of miles to spend this summer here together. And this is Hailey who is obviously ready for bed since she is in her pyjamas. Hailey is from Boston. So that's everyone! Now tell us about yourself.
Lisa: My name is Lisa and I'm fifteen years old. What else can I say? ,
Hailey Have you really come all the way from Russia?
Lisa: Yes, I have.
Belle: That's exciting. My parents used to tell me that there were bears in the streets of Russian cities and towns. Is this true?
Lisa: No! We don't have bears in our streets.
Mary: Well, the funny thing is that here we do — at least at camp sometimes.
Lisa: Are you joking?
Belle: Not at all. Have you had a look at the camp yet?
Lisa: Not yet. It had got dark by the time we arrived .
Mary: But hasn't the Crunch spoken to you?
Lisa: Do you mean Mrs Nutt, the head counsellor? No, she hasn't. When I saw her, she just told me to go to this cabin. That was it.
Hailey: Well, just wait for tomorrow. She is going to make her big speech about all the dangers at camp. She'll frighten you to death, trust me on that, (yawns) And now it's time for me to go to bed. It was a really big day today.
Lisa: What? But I haven't brought a sleeping bag. I didn't see it on the packing list.
Mary: Now that is a problem. It can be really chilly at night... What do we do, girls?
Belle: Don't worry, Lisa. I've got an extra one. Here you are.
Lisa: Oh, thank you. That's so kind of you.

  • Когда мы приехали в лагерь нас с димой разделили и забрали телефоны. Это обязательное условие лагеря, поэтому мы не сможем обмениваться сообщениями, в случае опасности .После этого  я попла в палатку под названием " Cherokee ",где услышала девичьи голоса , которые обсуждали кого-то за то что их разделили . По словам Марии дело было не во мне , а в том что они привыкли делить комнату между своей комнатой в течении уже длительного времени .После этого я узнала с кем мне придется разделить палатку .Это были : Синди из Южной Каролины,Арабелла местная красавица блондинка,Хейли от Бостона,Мария из Канады. Мария немного рассказала о них . А я рассказала девочкам чуть-чуть  о России.   Пришло время ложиться спать  и тут я поняла , что не взяла спальный мешок .Его мне предложила Белла , так- как у нее был запасной. 

    When we arrived at camp we shared with Dima and took the phone . This is mandatory camp , so we will not be able to send messages , in case of danger. After that I sailed to a tent called "Cherokee", where she heard a girl's voice, who discussed someone for what they shared. According to Maria it was not me , but the fact that they used to share a room between their room during a long time now . Then I found out who I have to share a tent. They were: Cindy from South Carolina , Arabella local beauty blond Haley of Boston , Mary from Canada. Maria told a little about them. And I told the girls a little bit of Russian . It's time to go to bed and then I realized that I did not take a sleeping bag. Offered it to me Bella , so as it was a spare .

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