Нужен рецепт пирога не яблочного

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Нужен рецепт пирога( не яблочного)

  • The French toast 

    Quantity of portions: 4 
    Caloric content: 300 kcal 
    Cholesterol: 56 mg 


    * 2 egg whites 
    * 1 egg 
    * 0,5 cups of skim milk (1 %) 
    * 0,5 teaspoons of vanilla 
    * Salt 
    * 2 teaspoons of margarine or oil 
    * 8 pieces цельнозернового bread 
    * the Fresh bilberry, a blackberry, a raspberry (at will) 

    1. Preliminary warm up an oven to 200 degrees. Shake up egg whites, egg, milk, vanilla and a salt teaspoon. In a small frying pan растомите 1 teaspoon of margarine. 

    2. Dip bread slices in the shaken up mix so that it is good to cover both parties. Fry bread on a frying pan to golden colour (6-8 minutes). 

    3. To keep the roasted bread hot, hold it in разогретой furnaces while will fry other slices. Submit a toast with a syrup or fresh berries. 

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