Нужен рецепт пирога на английском не яблочный ВАЖНО

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Нужен рецепт пирога на английском ( не яблочный ВАЖНО)

  • For the fish cakes for virtually any dough - fresh water , yeast , flaky or shortbread . Most often, the cakes are baked closed , leaving only small holes in the top layer of dough , but there are options open fish cakes. The most famous fish pie - fishmonger . For him pick up the fish with dense flesh , rather greasy to the finished pie filling remained juicy , for example , salmon , halibut, white salmon , whitefish , sturgeon , sturgeon, trout. Before cleaning fresh fish with cold water and l
  • productsFor the dough:Margarine - 200 gSugar - 150 gEggs - 3 pcs.Sour cream - 150 gMilk - 3 tbsp. spoonFlour - 2 cups (300 g)Baking powder - 1 packet (10 g)Cocoa - 2 tbsp. spoonFor beads :Cottage cheese - 200 gSugar - 3 tbsp. spoonThe egg yolk - 1 pc.Coconut - 5-6 Art. spoonsFor the custard :Milk - 2 cupsEgg - 1 pc.Sugar - 150 gFlour - 2 tbsp. spoons no slidesVanilla sugar - 1 paketiik
    Cottage cheese with sugar and egg yolk , add the coconut and stir. Wood shavings can go a little longer , depending on the humidity of cottage cheese.From the resulting mass to make small balls and roll them in coconut flakes .Balls put into the freezer for half an hour.Beat softened margarine with sugar until splendor , gradually add the eggs and the remaining protein.Then add the sour cream , milk , flour and baking powder and mix well .In a greased form (I have the parchment ) to pour out half of the dough .In the remaining dough add 2 tbsp . tablespoons cocoa , stir and pour over the white dough. Carefully distribute so as not mixed and not turned marble. :)Top with frozen balls and push them into the dough.Pie " Morning Dew " bake about 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees .To beat the egg custard with sugar and vanilla sugar, add flour and stir.Pour in 2 cups of milk and put on fire , constantly stirring with a whisk .Boil the cream until thick .Put the cream on the cooled cake and sprinkle the cake " Morning Dew " cocoa or coconut.
    Bon appetit !

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