Небольшое сочинение на тему Белорусской кухни. За ранее спасибо=

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Небольшое сочинение на тему Белорусской кухни.
За ранее спасибо=)

  • The originality of the historical fate of the Belarusian people has had a profound influence on the formation and development of its culture. Stripped to its October 1917 national statehood , experienced cross- influence of the Orthodox and Uniate Catholic churches, the people of Belarus in the complex and contradictory conditions had to defend their national characteristics and traditions , including material culture , to which the national cuisine .In these conditions the Belarusian cuisine, on the one hand , continued to remain close to the kitchens of others Belarusian Slavic peoples - Russian , Ukrainians , Poles, and on the other hand, experienced a certain amount of influence of non-Slavic cuisines of their neighbors - Lithuanians and Latvians. In addition, the culinary arts in the eastern and western parts of Belarus , long isolated from each other , evolved differently , subjected to different influences. All this prevented the consolidation of already developed specific features of the Belarusian cuisine , hindered the development of national culinary techniques and individual dishes that are unique to the Belarusian cuisine .Especially strongly prevented the formation of one national cuisine class distinctions are closely interwoven national and religious differences , while the peasantry was the Belarusian and Orthodox.Peasant Belarusian cuisine until the late XIX - early XX centuries . steadfastly maintained its original features dating back to the XIII-XIV centuries . and sometimes even deeper - in the ancient Russian cuisine and Krivichy Dregovichy .However, the peasant kitchen were quite noticeable regional differences. So , kitchen peasants of Vitebsk and Mogilev different from the cuisine of western Belarusian Grodno region, and both are , in turn , different from the kitchen Polishchuk , or Pinchuk - population less affected by foreign influences Polessye.Remarkably, however, that , despite all the controversy , the Belarusian cuisine by the end of the XIX century. yet gained its independence.The basis of the modern Belarusian cuisine has become , so the kitchen of the rural population of eastern and western regions , which includes the most common and Long existed on the territory of Belarus serves urban , developed mainly under the influence of Polish cuisine, but to win the Belarusian treatment. As a result, the Belarusian cuisine gets its range mainly the employed , their favorite foods and special cooking methods , and pre- heat treatment of food raw materials . This led to the selection of dishes on the Belarusian cuisine , which in their totality are not found in other nations neighboring the Belarusians although prntsipe preparing individual dishes of Belarusian cuisine is not alien to any Russian or Ukrainians or Poles or Lithuanians.However, the similarity of these three kitchens used food as well as a common type of outbreak ( Russian oven which created Belarusian cuisine ) at a superficial glance the impression that the Belarusian cuisine is one of the branches of an all-Russian cuisine.Meanwhile, far from it . Take the foods most commonly used in the Belarusian cuisine . First of all these are different kinds of " black flour " - oat , rye , barley , buckwheat and pea , and the bread was in Belarus rye flour , and for all other flour products - oatmeal .Pre-emptive use of oatmeal in the past and ignorance of yeast have led to the fact that the Belarusian cuisine is not known to virtually no pancakes or pies - this prevented the properties of oat flour (also adopted in Belarus, its preparation and processing by self- acidification ) . That is why the Belarusian " pancakes " so -called raschinnye cooked oatmeal , quite unlike Russian , make them directly from raschiny , ie, a solution of flour with water , spontaneously soured . The cakes were not the same at all typical of the Belarusian cuisine in any form .Another feature is the use of flour is very frequent mixing of different types of flour to mix with any basic type of flour (rye , oats ) - barley , wheat or buckwheat , pea .Of course , during the years of Soviet power in Belarus, as the A. of the country, widespread use of wheat flour ( and with it came , and others, have not peculiar to the Belarusian cuisine article) , but there is made ​​of wheat flour were often prepare the product without yeast using soda as a disintegrant .

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