Небольшое сочинение : “Как я провел осенние каникулы”

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Небольшое сочинение : "Как я провел осенние каникулы"

  • Finally the autumn holidays came, I was very happy!
    The weather was lovely, so at first my friends and I went to the park almost every day. It was fun!
    I dreamed to spend a week in the village, where my grandfather
    and grandmother lived. It would be great. I wanted to drink milk and eat a lot of tasty things which my grandmother always cooks for me when I come to visit her.
    I have many friends in this village, because I go there every vacation.
    mother and father couldn't let me go to the village and I stayed at
    home. The weather badly changed. It was getting windy and rainy. Of course, it
    was a bit sad to sit in a city apartment and to do
    household chores.
    Holidays passed very quickly, I even didn't miss my classmates and teachers. 
    That is all about my autumn holidays.
  • осенние каникулы я провел очень хорошо ..Я сделал уроки  в первый день каникул ,что б  быть свободым  целые каникулы. я помогал маме . я часто гулял с друзьями..ходил и фотогравировал природу .ездил в соседние города. вот так я провел свои  осенние каникула.
    Autumn holidays I spent very well .. I did lessons for the first day of vacation, what would be free the whole vacation. I helped my mother. I often walked with friends .. went and nature of photogravure. traveled to neighboring towns. that's how I spent my autumn vacation

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