Не большой рассказ про любимую группу/певицу Например: Леди Гага На английском

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Не большой рассказ про любимую группу/певицу (Например: Леди Гага) На английском. 

  • Tina Turner singer , a woman 56 years old, rich, cruel , full of sorrows and joys, hurts and the highest praise , setbacks and supernatural success.
    That's what she feels , leaving no time for each scene: "When I go on stage , I would like to charge the boundless energy of the hall. It's probably the same thing is happening with the horses during the launch . I feel that it is ready to go and do it . I love my work and always ready to perform it . It happens that I do not feel very well , but still something that comes out of the room , giving me the necessary push. This is my life . "
  • Lady Gaga recently released a new album.The singer is very strange, like she wears dresses made ​​of meat, it is constantly changing, it was recently in Russia. Hundreds of fans stood in line for tickets. it was a moment that even vomited on stage.
    а у меня про леди Гагу бе бе бе :р 

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