Напишите ХОРОШЕЕ СОЧИНЕНИЕ, СРЕДНЕГО РАЗМЕРА на тему : Eating habits in my family

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Напишите ХОРОШЕЕ СОЧИНЕНИЕ, СРЕДНЕГО РАЗМЕРА на тему : Eating habits  in my family.

  • I think it
    is important to eat healthy food.To be healthy we should it less fat and more
    fibre.High fibre food and low fat food can be found in different
    shop.Besides.we should eat food,wich are rich in proteins.For example.we must
    eat meat,feesh,nuts and milk of course.As for me,I really like milk and cheeze.

    organism needs in carbohydrates(they help ti grow and gives energy).My father
    like meat and nutter.

    And our
    organism need fibre(beans.brown bread,nut-rich fibre).My mum really like beans
    and nut,wich fill our stomach.dear motherland!

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