Напишите текст не большой от 6 до 15 предложений на анг языке естественно про создание книги к примеру чем человек жертвует для её созданием

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Напишите текст (не большой от 6 до 15 предложений на анг языке естественно) про создание книги (к примеру чем человек жертвует для её созданием)

  • The book is a man's life does not last. For some it's an extraordinary wonderful world . Books have a particular impact on people . Through books children begin to explore the world around us . Books help shape the world .
    Thanks to books , one learns a lot about its history. The book was created thousands of years ago , and even now do not forget about it .
    What to read each person determines for himself. Someone like science fiction, but someone story. Everyone has their own interests. Many writers became known for his works. One interesting book can make its creator rich and famous.
    The book is a priceless legacy that could leave the ancestors to their descendants . Many of the books are unique because they contain specific information , and many of them even kept a secret, and they know only the chosen people .
    The book is a source of knowledge, and knowledge is power.

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