Напишите сочинение по английскому на тему stories from the past

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напишите сочинение по английскому на тему  stories from the past

  • These true stories are actual personal experiences of the authors and include past life memories and recollections. 

    Have you ever felt as if you'd visited a particular place before even though it's your first visit? Or perhaps you feel drawn to a certain period of time before your birth and can recall details and images as if they happened yesterday. If you feel like an "old soul", perhaps you are experiencing a past life. 

    For some, details of past lives filter in through their dreams when they sleep. Others use guided hypnosis, typically called Past Life Regression. Yet others just seem to "know." The latter is especially true with young children. There are entire books and websites devoted to children and past life experiences. 

    Although awareness and interest in past lives has been around for many years, past lives is a relatively new category for Archive X, making its debut in July of 2005. If you have a story to add, we'd be happy to receive new past life submissions. 
    Definition of a past life experience

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