Напишите сочинение на тему как я правёл лето 6-8 предложений

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Напишите сочинение на тему как я правёл лето 6-8 предложений

  • In summer i spend my summer holidays in the Crimea. It was very hot and fine there. We went swimming every day. I was fine because i splash and plunge in the big and high waves. I had a wonderful chance to watch a wonderful underwater world full if strange and unusual things. And i had a wonderful chance to find a lot of interesting things to see to do and to enjoy there. It was very very interesting to learn a lot of new and interesting things on the sea. I love my summer holidays very much!
  •                                               My summer!
         This summer holidays I was at the beach.It was very good.I swam in the sea and ate ice cream.The weather was great.The sun is shon and there wasnt winde.It was the best summer holidays in my live!

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