Напишите сочинение на англиском языке на тему синее море

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напишите сочинение на англиском языке на тему синее море

  • Do not forget that magic I am, when I first saw the sea. Slowly and painfully I climbed the hillock , but my labors were richly rewarded - flashed before me an immense expanse of blue sea . The sun was burning so brightly in the blue waves that it hurt my eyes , tears and rainbow colored circles flashed before my eyes . The heart was ready to jump out of my chest , and so wanted to touch more to the water, feel its coolness , that I was ready to jump off a cliff down . For obvious reasons, I still prefer to go down differently. Small beach at the bottom was so tiny that it seemed , the path goes straight into the sea. With impatience I ran to the water and dipped her hand into . In knees hurt dug gravel, but I was sitting by the water, unable to move for fear of losing that wonderful feeling of contact with eternity , which I emerged. When my feet completely numb , I got up and walked slowly along the water's edge. From beached kelp came salty flavor. The ceaseless sound of the surf gave birth in a special chest exhilarating response , as if the two met the sea.


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