Напишите сочинение 10-15 предложений на тему Мой кумир! Пожалуйста с интернета не копировать !

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Напишите сочинение 10-15 предложений на тему Мой кумир !Пожалуйста с интернета не копировать !

  • I`m found of Michael Jackson. I think that he is the greatest singer and I very love listening his music. His songs have sense, they give me abble to dance. Also I`m found of his clips and dancing. They unbelieveble! I always watch it and become a littel bit crazy. Michael Jackson is The King of Pop and I agree with it. Some angry people said lie about him and his life and about his relations with children, but Michael - is the kindest person and the best singer and dancer. Song, written by Michael "We are the world" teach us to be polite and kind for people, who near. His words sbout world piece, about life for our children without wars. He was a real humanist.
    He died, but Michael will always in my heart and in hearts of million fans from all the world. Because Michael Jackson is  "Yesterday, today and forever". 
  • I love Katy Pery.She is my idol.I love her because she is realy pritty and she sings best songs.she is often changes her style.She is from Kalifornia.Katy Pery is 29 years old.I love her songs for example Hot n hold.
    Я не знаю что ещё можно написать..
    Дополни как нибудь сама!

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