Напишите рассказ, пожалуйста, на английском языке.!не рассказ про то где он живет и т. д.а написать выдуманную историю

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напишите рассказ,пожалуйста,на английском языке.  !
не рассказ про то где он живет и т.д.
а написать выдуманную историю

  •  In a very distant land once home to the little prince. He was very lonely. He really wanted to have friends, but the prince was ugly, so no one wanted to be friends with him. One day, the prince walked through his garden, where roses grew. These roses are loved by all because they were beautiful. The Prince is very jealous of them. Every day he came into the garden and thought how he become the same edge.
     -Prince, you come every day for a long time and look at us, what do you want? - Asked once rose.
    - I want to be as beautiful as you, I'm ugly, and because of this no one is friends with me, - said the little prince.  
    - You're ugly and now you're doomed to perpetual loneliness? - Said Daisy, she looked out from the midst of roses.
    - Here, too, believe me ugly, come on, you're my friend, and I yours?
    - Is it possible?
    - Of course. 
    Since then, every time the prince came to the garden and talked with her new friend.

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