Напишите рассказ 6-10 предложении на тему британская школа

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напишите рассказ 6-10 предложении на тему британская школа

  • Parents , for the first time ever wondered about how to enroll your child in a British boarding school , faces a difficult choice: more than two and a half thousand common schools in the UK they need to choose the one that will become a second home for their son or daughter. Uninitiated it seems that all institutions offer about the same thing . In fact, it is not. And the difference is not only the cost of training. So how do you not make a mistake and choose what is right ? Therefore, when choosing a private school you have to figure out how many students in the school on a full board , being in school all week, and how many children live there only during the week , leaving home for the UK has vyhodnye.V boarding school , located in the historic buildings in the rural areas , where there is peace and quiet, where there are large fields for games and sports, where the fresh air will positively influence the health of the child . On the other hand , there are private schools located near major gorodami.Vash child will be foreign student in a British boarding school . He will hold it not only training days , but weekend. His week will be completely planned, the weekend program will include not only training , but also entertainment.

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