Напишите приготовление белорусских 2 национальных блюд на английском языке

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напишите приготовление белорусских (2) национальных блюд на английском языке

  • Верашчака-Ingredients: 0,5 kg. pork with ribs, 1-2 bulbs, 1 glass of grain kvass, salt, pepper, a bay leaf. Preparation process: To cut, salt, pepper, fry pork from two parties. On fat which will be emitted to fry small cut onions. With onions to shift meat in cast iron (stewpan), to fill in with grain kvass and to extinguish on small fire of 10 minutes. Moves with mashed potatoes or hash browns. If to try to bring "Verashchaka" in a certain classification row, on a direction of use this dish is "machanka". Among dishes of Belarusian cuisine it is possible to find not less than ten various "machanok".

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