Напишите пожалуйста твор описание музыкального события

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напишите пожалуйста твор   описание музыкального события  

  •  My favorite singer is Ani Lorak .At first let me introduce herself. She is a well-known Ukrainian pop-singer ,songwriter and actress.She is famous for her songs"I Will Be the Sun" ,"Hold Me Tight" and her new song "Orange dreams",Now I will tell you about visiting her concert.It was two weeks ago.In the morning I as always make my bed,but suddenly I saw my Mom toward me.I was feeling that trouble was coming and I would be punished for my marks at school.But for my suprise my Mom showed me two tickets for the concert of Ani Lorak.I didn*t believe my eyes ,I was very happy, So as we understood we are goind to visit a concert in the evening. When we arrived to the appoind place we saw a lot o people standing near a concert-hall.The performance began.Ani Lorak sang all her songs .After every song all the audience applauded.I can not put into words how wonder she was. She changed her clothers every four song.We enjoyed as we can: we danced , sang songs with Ani.So as you understood the concert turned successfully. But all of this has passed and we turned to our common life.

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