Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на английском языке на тему “Создание Джинс”

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Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на английском языке на тему "Создание Джинс".

  • The popularity of jeans continued to grow in the coming decades , especially with the spread of the hippie culture , many of the " flower children " who valued individuality, tried to make the jeans are absolutely unique with a variety of patterns and ornaments.
    Soon the once exclusively working clothes fashion designers paid attention , and today the denim clothing is an important part of many collections of famous designers , famous Yves Saint Laurent has expressed his admiration for the jeans and regretted that it was not he invented them .
    Today, from a variety of styles and colors of jeans literally " dazzled " and the cost of designer denim models exceeds the cost of selling in stores at times. Jeans worn by men and women, children and the elderly , the poor and the rich , musicians and politicians - and this is the best proof of love for jeans worldwide.Prehistory of modern jeans has its roots back several centuries in Europe. It is believed that the word " jeans » (jean) came from the name of the city of Genoa, where local sailors gladly wear sturdy cotton trousers and later pants made ​​of this material have to produce in large quantities in England. The word " denim ", denoting a stronger denim fabric comes from France, where in the sixteenth century used the cloth from him, which takdenim , and was called «serge de Nimes» (denim); was composed of silk and wool.
    American weavers from the local cotton produced is very similar to the denim fabric , featuring high abrasion resistance and gradually cotton , the lack of which in the country was not able to drive out from the other components of the tissue . Initially, jeans were sewn from a lighter clothes, and used for the production of denim work clothes, which required a higher strength .
    Most of the slaves on the plantations were similar pants made ​​of cotton, but perhaps not quite correct to call them jeans , the emergence of what we now call "jeans" , the world is indebted young German immigrant named Levi Strauss .
    Originally Strauss , who came to California at the height of the Gold Rush , thought to earn from selling fabrics for tents and wagons , but it turned out that a lot more prospectors needed regular work pants . Then a young German who had decided to weave his material pants , which soon began to enjoy success with prospectors .
    Name one other person , whose contribution to the creation of jeans is also very significant, there are several less than industrialist Strauss , but its role in the history of one of the world's most popular products is also great - it's a Nevada tailor Jacob Davis , despite the fact that the business the production and sale of pants Strauss began independently cooperation with Davis provided a significant increase in sales and the rapid growth of the company.
    Who came to the U.S. from Latvia , Davis regardless of Strauss decided an important question , as in the manufacture of trouser pockets provide sufficient strength , and it came up with cement desi metal rivets . The idea promised to bring huge profits , but , of course , provided that no one but Davis could not use it. To protect themselves from such troubles , the inventor should get a patent , but it was not trite money for it (the required amount of sixty -eight dollars and a half centuries ago, was not available to everyone) . Davis then decided to offer cooperation Strauss , from which an enterprising merchant could not refuse.
    Perhaps reading the history of jeans should be conducted from May 20 , 1873, when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss received a patent number 139121 on a new method of securing the pockets , since jeans began its triumphal march around the world .
    It is worth noting that the original production company called «waist overalls», which can be translated as " waist overalls " , the word "jeans" , which appeared in the youth slang in the twenties and thirties of the last century , to denote their pants were invited by Levi Strauss few later, in the sixties.

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